Hostel Wardens and Supervisor

Dr. Sandeep Chandrashekharappa

Warden (Boys Hostel)

Dr. Saba Naqvi

Warden (Girls Hostel)

Dr. Awesh Yadav

Alternate Warden

Dr. Lakshay Mahajan

Assistant Warden (Boys Hostel)

Dr. Nabanita Das

Assistant Warden (Girls Hostel)

Mr. Sourabh Dev Tiwari

Guest House & Hostel Supervisor


The Institute has a separate hostel for boys & girls, which are in the transit campus at Lucknow. Boys hostel have capacity of 140 students (20X4=80 & 20X3=60) and Girls hostel have capacity of 89 students (27X3=81 & 2X4=8). Each student is provided with basic furniture, including a bed without mattress, almirah, study table and chair at the time of hostel allotment in the Institute. Hostel have sports and Gym facilities. All the hostel room have the internet connectivity round the clock. Security guards are engaged in both the hostels. Hygiene and cleanliness within the hostel premises are taken care by the housekeeping services.

Hostel Rules
  • Every Students shall at all times maintain the discipline and decorum of the Hostel.
  • Every Student shall preserve, tend and safeguard the property of the hostel, and shall not knowingly or otherwise destroy, damage, or deface hostel property.
  • Every Student shall keep his/her room and the common grounds of the hostel clean and unsoiled at all times and will make it available for inspection as and when required.
  • Every Student understand that ragging is strictly prohibited and is an offence. Any involvement will lead to my summary termination from the Institute.
  • Every Student understand that use of any addictive substance like tobacco, alcohol, narcotic or habit forming drugs, etc., is strictly prohibited in the hostel/Institute. He/she will be liable for any disciplinary action for indulgence in such activity, viz., smoking, consumption of alcoholic drinks or any other intoxicating substance in the hostel and Institute premises and found under its influence at any point of time/place during his/her studies in the Institute.
  • Every Student understand that prior permission has to be obtained from the competent authority to visit outside campus for bonafide purpose; He/she will be solely responsible for his/her safety and protection during my departure and return to the Institute. In case he/she leave the Institute/hostel without prior permission, Institute can initiate the disciplinary action against him and Institute authorities are not responsible for his/her safety.
  • Every student will take care of their valuables in his/her own custody. The management is not responsible for any loss or damage.
  • Every student has to follow no entry or exit that will be made by them from 9:30 PM to 05:00 AM in the Institute, unless specific permission is taken.
  • Students understand that no friends or outsiders are allowed in the hostel premises. Also, men cannot go to the women’s hostel or vice versa if not otherwise stipulated and any such visit will be seen as a serious misconduct, inviting penalty.
  • In the event, when a student takes a leave (with permission) to visit hometown or other places, he/she will be solely responsible for his/her safety and protection during their departure and return to the institute.
  • In the event of student parents/ guardians or relatives are visiting a hostel in the institute, he/she will inform the Warden in advance and access/ contact with them, meeting in the hostel or going out for a local visit will be with the consent of the Warden (Written permission).
  • Student will play a proactive role as a student and suggestions/feedback for improvement or any concerns about aspects of hostel life will be brought to the notice of hostel in-charge immediately.
  • Student will strive to play a proactive role in keeping gender amity and maintain cordial & harmonious relations with all, group, individual and authorities on the campus. Student understand that the Institute observes a non-negotiable stand with regard to issues of caste, creed and communal harmony.
  • Student will not change his/her allotted room without permission from the authority.
  • Student shall ensure that all dues, including any fines or penalties that may have been imposed against him/her, are paid in time to the Institute.
  • Student understand that his/her involvement in any unacceptable behaviour under the code of conduct and above and any violation of hostel rules will lead to his/her immediate expulsion from the hostel/ Institute.



NIPER Raebareli has its own mess which is managed and run by the students themselves in NIPER Raebareli Transit campus Lucknow. NIPER Raebareli mess serves nutritious food throughout the year to students. Hygiene and cleanliness within the mess premises is well taken care of to make sure of the students have a healthy environment to have their meals. 



Sports & Gym Facility

A modern day gymnasium is a place for indoor physical workout where various equipment and machines are typically used. Students participating in sports are more likely to succeed in the classroom. A good physical education program plays a vital role in the all-around development of students.