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S.No   Title   Inventors   Patent No
1   Combinatorial Formulation For Solubilization of Poorly Water Soluble Drugs & Method of Preparation Thereof   Dr. Rahul Shukla, Mr. Mayank Handa, Dr. SJS Flora   201911046999
2   Novel Pharmaceutical Compositions of Montelukast for Self-Emulsifying Drug Delivery System   Dr. Rahul Shukla, Mr. Mayank Handa, Mr Nikhil Chauhan,
Dr. SJS Flora
File on 12 October 2020
3   Novel pharmaceutical gastroretentive sustained release composition and process of preparation thereof   Dr. Ujwal D Kolhe, Mr. Mahesh G Baspure and Dr. SJS Flora   201911022807
4   Novel formulations of Lurasidone with improved solubility,   Dr. Ujwal D Kolhe and Dr. SJS Flora   201911006780
5   Novel Bedaquilline Formulations With Improved Solubility   Dr. Ujwal D Kolhe, Ms. G Pant and
Dr. SJS Flora
6   Molecular probe for organophosphorus compounds detection & method of preparation   Ashima Thaku, Muskan Gori, Dr. Abha Sharma
Dr. SJS Flora
  CBR Number: 194
(3 Jan 2020)
7   Novel Lurasidone Solution Compositions and Method of Preparation Thereof   Dr. Ujwal D Kolhe, A Prabakaran,
Dr. SJS Flora
  File on 13 Jan, 2020
8   Novel Composition of Zein Polymeric Nano-Particles and Method of Preparation Thereof   Dr. Rahul Shukla, Mayank Handa, Ajit Singh, Abhas Saxena,
Dr. SJS Flora
File on 9 June 2020
9   Apparatus for Testing Recognition Memory and Spontaneous Locomotor Activity of Laboratory Animal   Dr. Anoop Kumar, Dr. SJS Flora   TEMP/E-1/28698/2020-DEL
File on 20 June 2020
10   Natural Oil Based Herbal Sanitizer Hydrogel Composition and Method of Preparation Thereof   Dr. Awesh K Yadav, Dr. Rahul Shukla, Dr. Saba Naqvi,
Dr. SJS Flora
File on 5 August 2020
11   Coating Composition having Pathogen Deactivation Properties for 3-Ply Surgical-Mask and Method of Preparation Thereof   Dr. Rahul Shukla, Dr Anoop Kumar, Dr Awesh K Yadav,
Dr. SJS Flora
File on 6 August 2020
12   Antitubercular Pharmaceutical Solid Dispersion of Bedaquiline Fumarate and Method of Preparation Thereof   Vishwas P. Pardhi, Dr. Keerti Jain, Dr. SJS Flora   202011040038
File on 16 September 2020
13   Novel Non-Aqueous Topical Anti-Inflammatory Drug Composition and Method of Preparation Thereof   Dr Rahul Shukla, Gagandeep, Mayank Handa, Dr Awanish Mishra, Dr S.J.S. Flora   202111007442
File on 22 February 2021
14   Composition of Micro-/Nano-Sized Emulsions Containing Flavonoids and Methods of Preparation Thereof   Dr. Keerti Jain, Teeja Suthar, Anand Singh Patel, Dr. S.J.S. Flora   202111007897
File on 24 February 2021
15   Novel Method of Preparation for Metallicnanoparticles and Product Thereof   Dr. Rewati Raman Ujjwal, Mr. Mayank Handa, Dr. Rahul Shukla, Dr. S.J.S. Flora   202111009794
File on 9 March 2021


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    PharmSolWave Technology  Dr. Rahul Shukla,
Mr. Mayank Handa,
Dr. SJS Flora