National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Raebareli

Dept. of Pharmaceuticals, Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, Govt. of India
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    Welcome to NIPER RAEBARELI

Medicinal Chemistry


The Department of Medicinal Chemistry offers a two-year M.S. (Pharm.) Med. Chem. program since its inception in 2008. There are currently 19 seats available which are filled through NIPER-JEE conducted every year.

The Department of Medicinal Chemistry is actively involved in the drug design research programme which includes multidisciplinary research in various aspects of drug synthesis. Research in medicinal chemistry requires an in-depth knowledge of synthetic chemistry along with focus on information about drug-receptor interactions. The students pursuing M. S. (Pharm.) degree are exposed towards fundamental and practical knowledge of design and synthesis of pharmaceutically active compounds.

The faculty in the department are involved in research focus on identification of novel chemotherapeutic agents for various diseases like cancer, malaria, tuberculosis and other inflammatory diseases.


M.S. (Pharm.)B.Pharm./ M.Sc.(Organic Chemistry) 19



Faculty Members

Dr. Atul Kumar
Course Coordinator

Dr. Keshri Nath Tiwari
Assistant Professor

Medicinal Chemistry: Structure based drug design
Synthetic Organic Chemistry: Development of synthetic methodologies and Natural product synthesis

Full Profile
Dr. Abha Sharma
Assistant Professor

Medicinal Chemistry, Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Catalysis and green chemistry

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Dr. Nihar Ranjan
Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Synthesis of nucleic acid targeted drugs for treating tuberculosis, development of selective human G-quadruplex binding ligands, biophysical and solution NMR studies of drug-nucleic acid interactions.



Staff Members

Ms. Amreen Ali Siddique
Junior Technical Assistant

Mr. Nityanand Rai
Lab Assistant



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