National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Raebareli

Dept. of Pharmaceuticals, Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, Govt. of India
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    Welcome to NIPER RAEBARELI



The Department of Pharmaceutics is one of the key departments of the Institute. The department offers a two year full-time M.S. (Pharm) program in pharmaceutics. It comprehends basic as well as applied research in drug delivery formulation design and their assessment in suitable model. Major thrust area of the department is to improve the efficacy of drug for better health care.


The research activity of the department includes exploitation of nanotechnology for the development of polymeric and lipid based nanomedicine of different therapeutic class for controlled and site-specific drug delivery.


M.S. (Pharm.)B. Pharm. 16



Faculty Members

Dr. P.R.Mishra
Course Coordinator
E-Mail: prabhat_mishra

Dr. Wahajuddin
Course Coordinator
E-Mail: wahajuddin

Dr. Kolhe Ujwal Damu
Assistant Professor

Research area: Pharmaceutical Product Development, New Polymer Development, Gastroretentive Sustained, Delayed and Pulsatile Drug Delivery, Chronotherapeutic Drug Delivery, Nanosystems

Dr.Deepak Yadav
Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Pre-formulation profiling of new chemical entities, Pharmaceutical product development: Conventional as well as novel drug delivery systems, their characterization and evaluation, Biopharmaceutics, Lyophilization.

Dr. Rahul Shukla
Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Targeted Drug Delivery System, Nano-medicine, Particle Engineering, Controlled Release System for Chemotherapeutic Agents, Neglected & Tropical Diseases Therapeutics, Product Development, Polymer Sciences & Nano-crystals.



Staff Members

Ms. Amreen Ali Siddique
Junior Technical Assistant

                                  Miss. Monica Verma
Lab Assistant




Lab Facilities